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Melhuish Shield update

You might not be aware of this, but our Senior Teams are all participating in the Melhuish Shield. This is a competition where clubs nominate 2-team combinations who then gain points through their performances across the season. We actually won the Melhiush Shield

two seasons ago with a combination of Premier Women and 2B .

Photo: Aaron Reid, Frances Mackay and Ric Horsfall with the Melhuish Shield.

At the half-way point, our Premier Men/Women combo is in 6th place with 61 points, Championship/Division 1 are in 13th place with 56

points, Sunrisers/Chestfield Warriors are in 18th= with 45, Orcas/Presidents are in 25th= with 40 points and 2nd XI/Youth Women are in 30th= with 35 points. The Sydenham combo of Premiership and Div 6 Cardinals are leading on 75 points and there are 47 entries in all.

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